Bridge Lab – Blog

Bridge Stats:

Weight: 473 grams

Breaking Mass: 315 lbs

Ratio: 303 kg/kg

Bridge Schematic:


Discussion of Strategy:

Our strategy was to make a perfectly symmetrical bridge with a flat top so that we are able to stack multiple weights without it falling because of balance issues.  In addition, we used a crosshatching or “x” method in our main supports as we knew from past knowledge that this method was the best in terms of keeping the bridge sturdy and secure.  Finally, instead of the traditional legs, we added four horizontal sticks in order to make sure that it was balanced (Plus, it made the design look very slick…)

Pictures of the Process:


  • Aaron working to finish the legs of the bridge.


  • Jayanth taking a quick break to pose for the camera


  • Gia trying to connect two parts – attempting to not get any glue on his hands

Pictures of the Final Product:


  • Gia holding the final product, anxious to see how many pounds the bridge can hold


  • The bridge is set up


  • Midway into stacking our weights, the bridge looks like its holding up!

Pictures of the Smashed Bridge:


  • Bridge finally smashed.  It held over 300 pounds!


In conclusion, our bridge was a major success.  Although it was slightly overweight due to an error in our calculation, it held over 300 pounds!  Our initial strategy of the crosshatching supports worked as predicted.  Even though our bridge exceeded expectations, what we could have done better was figuring out a way to cut out 7 grams without tampering with our results.  If we were to have cut off a couple of sticks from the main support, we could have been inside the weight requirement.  In addition, we used a couple of extra sticks that did not add any addition support, but for design.  For maximum productivity, we could have taken those out as well.


Who did what:

Aaron – Built bridge, blog

Gia – Built bridge, schematics

Jayanth – Built bridge, blog


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